The Studio

The Studio of

Prof. Giuseppe Bianco

The dental studio is located within the Fisio Europa multi-specialist center, in the heart of the E.U.R. district, next to Giolitti, not far away from the lake.

We occupy about 500 square meters on the second floor of one of the most beautiful buildings in the E.U.R., The center is very bright, enriched by wonderful works of art that represent my passion. From each dental chair, you can enjoy a relaxing view through the large windows overlooking the green garden. We are very well connected: along the lake, a nice 5-minute walk leads to the E.U.R. – Palasport, and if you come by car, finding parking is very easy, I recommend you park along Viale dell’Umanesimo, on the slope that leads to the Il Fungo restaurant.


I am very proud of my “gadgets”, I like to work, and I love doing it with the latest news available on the dental market, it amuses me and gratifies me.

My workstations, the so-called dental units, are from Sten Weber, I change them every 5 years, and are considered the most reliable, precise, technological, and comfortable … unfortunately they are also the most expensive …

The turbines are all from the KaVo brand and are silenced, to avoid the typical annoying noise, as well as the micromotors I use.

The surgical instruments are from Hu-Friedy, the best manufacturer of precision instruments, with the quality of German steel and titanium.

The sterilization room is one of the flagships of the center, we have just renovated it, and it is in view of the patient. I really care about this aspect: I want to avoid the risk of infections, the studio is full of children and the thought that I could be responsible for a contamination upsets me, my children are treated here as well. We have created a path of dirt and cleanliness. The instruments are first placed in ultrasound, then in peracetic acid, then in the Multi-steril machine, which is a kind of dishwasher for surgical instruments, are then checked and dried by hand, wrapped and finally inserted into one of the two autoclaves where they are subjected to the most suitable cycle, at very high temperatures.

The prosthetic products are always sterilized before introducing them into the patient’s mouth.

The Piezosurgery® is an ultrasonic scalpel that allows you to cut bone with micrometric precision, respecting vessels, and nerves, to prevent any accidental trauma. It is a tool that has revolutionized oral surgery, it has existed since 2002 and I am proud to be one of the founding members of the International Piezosurgery Academy. Performing a sinus lift without Piezosurgery® or the extraction of a wisdom tooth without this instrument should, in my opinion, be considered malpractice.

The scaler is by Mectron, it is the tool for cleaning the teeth of the best place in the world!

Other indispensable tools:

Intraoral phosphor radiographs, with immediate development and visualization on the PC

Patient management system developed by the OrisLine group

Galoche (An innovative system that automatically wraps the patient’s shoes so that they do not bring bacteria and dirt from outside)

iChiropro – Bien Air surgical motors, connected to iPad, to record the implant insertion torques on the patient card

Root apex detectors, composite warmers, and gutta-percha warmers

ITero Element 2 intraoral scanner, produced by Align Technology, a digital system for taking an impression that eliminates any discomfort for the patient and allows us to study the model immediately, accelerating the work plan

Last but not least, Dentalscan and orthopantomograph allow me to carry out a reliable diagnosis at the first visit and to carry out checks after some time without delay.


May it strengthen the important doctor-patient relationship.

I am waiting for you at my studio from Monday to Friday.

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